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Job title: Engineering Manager
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Bangalore
  • Software Design/Development
  • Data Structure
  • Design Patterns
  • HLD
  • LLD
  • ecommerce
  • System Design
  • Architect
Salary from: INR ₨3,800,000.00
Salary to: INR ₨4,400,000.00
Job published: 30/05/2018
Job ID: 32135

Job Description

Exp: 9 - 12 years

CTC: 38 - 44 LPA

Experience as Engg. Manager for 1-3 years only

Excellent in Technical :- System Design and Architect (Individual contributor)

Project management Handling entire project, Playing role of Scrum master, sprint planning, Estimation and planning etc.

People management experience in Hiring, managing attrition, appraisal review, growth discussion of team etc.

Key Skills: Design approach, DS and Algo, Code quality, HLD and LLD design patterns


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or similar discipline
  • Tier 1/2 college
  • 9+ years relevant work experience in software engineering
  • Excellent Problem Solving skills for complex & large scale systems.
  • Should have exposure to a wide variety of problem spaces, technologies.
  • Solid coding skills with ability to drive teams through massive refactoring exercise & improve coding standards across large code bases.
  • Good knowledge, understanding & experience of working with a large variety of multi-tier architectures. Awareness of pitfalls & use cases for a large variety of solutions.
  • Exposure to complete product development cycles, from inception to production to scaling up, supporting new requirements and re-architectures.
  • Should have been part of scalable product development cycles with either large data handling or large transaction processing.
  • Excellent Mentoring skills.
  • Must be comfortable working in environments where boundaries aren’t clearly defined.


  • Owns the overall architecture along performance, scalability, HA, recoverability across systems. Leads ARB sessions to arrive at the right architecture from NFR view point. Keeps EMs / PMs cognizant of NFRs for any user path releases.
  • Communicates effectively to leadership group and peers on status of deliverables. Can deal with conflicting priorities and scale horizontally across PODs. Owns sustainability of design. Plans and executes complex projects.
  • Identifies pitfalls across code bases proactively, writes model code that is looked up to, enforces security governance across the board. Knowledge of internal aspects including run-time environments and complex system libraries/patterns. Is a proponent of building common reusable component, tools, frameworks and libraries
  • Creates API definitions, contracts between sub-systems, E2E service design with tech blueprint as a backdrop. Always plays devil's advocate in design discussions for long term sustainability of design. Asks thought provoking open ended questions to enable the team to think about impact of any change.
  • Guides and mentors the team to make the right technology choices. Challenges any tech stack selection with long term sustainability lens. Creates, owns and evangelises the technology blueprint for the org.
  • Challenges and plays devil's advocate for any opportunities for platform building against point solutions. Keeps EMs / PMs cognisant of tech debt and pushes for closure on tech debt sooner rather than later.
  • Handles large E2E cross cutting problems. Helps senior engineers arrive at the most optimum solution amongst multiple solutions and involves himself as a coach. Influences product roadmap to build pure tech systems that will have long term impact on business.
  • Sets up steeper hiring standards from tech perspective and drives the org towards building A+ tech team.
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